Posting by email

It’s a voyage of discovery this social media lark isn’t it?

I was mucking around with Posterous yesterday and thinking what a useful thing it is to be able to post things online by email…then I discover that you can enable the very same feature on a WordPress blog.

So here’s my first blog post by email. I’ll even attach a picture and see how that works. It’s a rather lovely Fiat 500 I spotted a few weeks back in Mayfair. Very cool indeed.

fiat 500 london

2 thoughts on “Posting by email

  1. Jed Hallam says:

    The only issue that I have with posting to a blog via email is that it makes it easier to post from mobile, but more difficult to post links that way…

  2. Mark says:

    Yeah, I could see that being a downside of mobile posting, but overall, I’m loving it.

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