Kids’ telly of a morning

This post started from one place and ended up in another.  I love that.

shreddies_knitted200.jpgAs a father of a couple of young children – mine are five and three – I’m something of an aficionado of morning kids’ telly, particularly the Milkshake! segment on Channel Five.  Some great programmes (all highly educational, I might add…sort of) and nice cheery presenters.  My favourite is Jen, the young upstart threatening the established trio of Naomi, Kemi and Beth (I see they’ve kept Jen’s song off the album).  But I digress.

Being a commercial channel, Five carries advertisements and of course we’re well into Christmas stuff now.  Having said that, one of my current favourites is the ad for Shreddies…the “knitted by nanas” one which, as you might have guessed, explains that each and every Shreddie is knitted by a lovely kind nana.  I like it so much that I was prompted this morning to visit the website,

It’s been very well done.  There’s a bit of loading to deal with, but it kept me distracted for about 20 minutes which can’t be bad.  My favourite is the games area.  Nana vs. Robots didn’t grab me too much, the Skip Challenge appeared a little dull initially but the changing pace of the rope added to the challenge, Teabag Fling was compelling but ultimately frustrating (you get your power sorted and then screw up the angle!) and Slipper Slide is a joy.  It’s definitely worth a look.

Now to the other place.  While I was thinking about the ads, I recalled one which, frankly, disturbs me.  It’s that animatronic pony called Butterscotch.  That thing freaks me out.  “Don’t worry,” Thea tells me, “it’s not real.  It’s got batteries in its tummy.”

Looking around for a Butterscotch clip I was chuffed to find that I’m not the only one who finds Butterscotch a bit weird.  David Letterman does too…and you can see a very amusing video here.

“Take that, you lousy nag.”

5 thoughts on “Kids’ telly of a morning

  1. Matt says:

    I love that Shreddies ad, absolute genius and will go visit the website just a soon as I can drag myself away from Facebook…

    We’re still stuck on Cbeebies and so have managed to escape the influence of the ads..Fin’s still getting to grips with Christmas, but think that this might be the last year I/we escape.. Was trying to explain it this morning and insisted that he could have a present if he wanted (and had been a good boy)…after some ummm-ing and ahhh-ing he decided he wanted a new train for his Thomas set…£12 in Early Learning Centre…result 🙂 Butterscotch just looks wrong.

    After Mr Maker (of course), Wonder Pets (on Nick Jnr) is well worth checking out…great ‘early years’ TV and I’m sure originated online…theme tune currently stuck in my head…

  2. Rob Rhodes says:

    2,400 on the skipping game!

  3. James Warren says:

    My daughter (six-and-a-HALF) is absolutely positive she’s getting a Butterscotch pony for Christmas. Having had a word with the big fat man with the white beard (aka the bank manager), I can categorically confirm she isn’t.

    (Sweetheart, if you’re reading this: a/ why? b/ get off Dadddy’s computer and c/ Butterscotch is far too big for Father Christmas to get down the chimney… yes, I know he brought you a bike two years ago, but the chimney in that house was, erm, magic)

  4. pr-otagonist says:

    There’s something very strange about blokes getting into a heated discussion about toys designed for young girls.


    It also seems pretty obvious that without the visibility that an open plan office provides, all of you would spend your mornings watching Shreddies being knitted.

  5. Simon Marks says:

    Glad to see we’re not the only parents who just let our son watch BBC so we can avoid all that advertising malarky? I’m sure there are some great shows available on the other channels, but not having ads is a huge plus as far as I’m concerned.

    Means he still likes getting cardboard boxes as a present: rather than banging on about some Transformer gunship deathray with extra flashing lights and brain drain function.

    On the Butterscotch thing – we were given something remarkably similar (although probably not quite as expensive) – which is currently sitting in the garage in its box as A) we don’t have enough space and B) I think it’s a daft present for a 2 year old boy. James if you wants to fob it off on your daughter, just let me know 🙂

    pr-otagonist – what’s a Segway got to do with all of this?

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